Fraser Advocacy

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The law firm of Suzan E. Fraser is a public interest practice committed to social justice with an emphasis on mental health, children’s rights and human rights. Fraser Advocacy is a progressive law firm with a focus towards civil litigation, appellate work and administrative law. The firm and support staff, all seek to serve clients with kindness, integrity and great skill. Fraser Advocacy positions itself as the “little firm that could” committed to improving community, their client’s position and the legal profession.

The Challenge
The client came to Blink with a unique challenge. Fraser Advocacy had already commissioned another agency prior, but was not happy with the creative results. The client looked to us for our strategic expertise and wanted advice on how to proceed. The client was progressive and wanted to do something that other law firms hadn’t done before: create a brand that was cutting-edge and reflected their core values, but which also appealed to their clients.

The Results
We created a brand that was unique and daring, yet still keeping with the core values of what the brand embodied. Blink came up with a seesaw to represent the balance of advocacy. Strong word mark logo/business cards that speak progressive, fearless and kind. The visual was streamlined to keep it simple and incorporated underneath the name of the firm “Fraser” “Advocacy” to further represent balance. The colours used represented hope, inspiration to clients dealing with mental and health issues. The law firm always thought of themselves as “the little engine that could” and was really happy with the embodiment of the creative to represent their brand.

Our new look is receiving rave reviews. We are proud of the work you have done and of our new look. It was a pleasure to work with you. ~ Suzan E. Fraser Lawyer/Owner, Fraser Advocacy

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