15 Internet Marketing Principles That Apply To LinkedIn

These great principles of internet marketing have been taken from Brian Carter’s book, LinkedIn for Business: How Advertisers, Marketers, and Salespeople get leads.

Internet marketing varies for many kinds and sizes of companies and in many niches. Here are 15 principles from Internet marketing in general that also apply to LinkedIn marketing:

  1. Think strategically and follow a process.
  2. Know what your goal is and measure it.
  3. Measure your progress with web analytics.
  4. Optimize your tactics based on analytics.
  5. Get to know your target audience.
  6. Stimulate your target your audience with the right messages.
  7. Test, test, test.
  8. Fit everything into a coherent strategy.
  9. Create value for your audience.
  10. Make it easy for people to share what you create.
  11. Create, build, and maintain relationships.
  12. Be generous.
  13. Grow an audience that is easy to contact repeatedly.
  14. Set policies for Internet behavior.
  15. Empower employees to contribute to the marketing and sales efforts.