We spend our whole lives waiting.

We wait at the doctor’s lounge, only to be shifted to another room to wait again.

We work patiently at our jobs, in the hopes that at the next performance review, we’ll get a big raise.

We even wait for consumers to LIKE our brand.

But where does all this waiting get us? Does it bring us any closer to our goal?

So, stop waiting and take some action. Any action.

If you want to grow your brand, don’t just do one thing and wait for the results.

Be adventurous. Try several creative avenues to connect with your consumer. If the flyer in the local newspaper doesn’t work, consider another way to reach out. For example, think about where your consumer hangs out and execute a clever guerilla marketing campaign.

Whatever your goal is, waiting won’t get you there. You need to step on the accelerator today to get the wheels spinning.