I’m “doing” social media and not seeing any results.

So you’re a self-professed entrepreneur – up at 6:30 am, sending your first tweet by 7:10 am, catching up on emails shortly thereafter. A quick check for any new Twitter followers in the past hour  results in a disappointed shrug. So you post another quick generic 140 character tweet about your business, then head out to do “real” work. At the end of the day, you still do your due diligence and sign back into social media…to see if it’s worked.

How do you measure if it has worked? Is it a magic follower number? A retweet perhaps? The answer isn’t that simple, and it requires some soul-searching.g.

Start with 4 questions:

1. WHY do you want to use social media?

2. WHO are you trying to reach?

3. WHAT do you want your audience to DO?

4. WHAT can your social media presence do FOR your audience?

Answer these four questions honestly, and focus on serving your customers and audience. Only then will you have a strategic framework that helps you make good decisions about social media platforms and tools.

Over the next series of blogs, we will explore each of these questions in detail. Stay tuned to assess if you are on the right track with your social media strategy.

Facebook asks me what I’m thinking.
Twitter asks me what I’m doing.
Foursquare asks me where I am.
Conclusion: the internet is my girlfriend.