Use a pink pencil

Creative Pink Pencil

The fact of the matter is we all get into a rut. And, routine starts to bog down our thinking! We get

comfortable. Our ideas become linear. Our work becomes acceptable. Sure, we can go about the rest of our days in this robotic state, but do we really want to?

So the question becomes how do we break from this spell of boredom and start thinking creatively? The answer is simple: start using a pink pencil.

When we become comfortable, we start taking things for granted. Whether it’s driving the same route to work every day, or going to the same coffee shop simply because it’s convenient, routine can hinder our creative outlook. You probably won’t see too many new items on the menu in the coffee shop, which means your day will start off like the last miserable day you had. And your mood will as well.

Using a pink pencil will help you break out of that routine. Every time you use it, it will make you pay attention. When you go into a meeting, you’ll think about what you’re writing down. Your colleagues (or clients) will comment on the pink pencil. It will start a discussion. The pink pencil is the stimulus for you to stand out in a small way, and mark my words, you actually may start to like it. And when you make one small difference in your day, you just may start making a bigger difference in your life.