Correlation Matrix

Correlation Matrix applies the intersection of economics, international affairs, and philosophy to augment critical thinking in business, culture and society.

Create a brand identity for a new venture/blog that would incorporate the complexity of the issues the brand wanted to convey to various sectors of the financial and economic community.

Blink came up with a wordmark logo, tagline and brand identity (colours, design) that would best represent Correlation Matrix. In addition, Blink designed the client’s website/blog and helped the client with their social media strategy to create a strong online Twitter presence. Since, social media is also evolving at a fast pace the building of the brand is ongoing.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: Entering into the landscape of social media is a daunting task for someone who is not particularly well versed in branding, whether it is corporate or personal. This was not an issue though as having Blink Advertising and Shilpa Raikar as a consultant and partner made the experience far less daunting: from taking care of little details such as the look of logo (e.g. choosing the right font and colour combination) to guidance on answering the big picture of “what do you represent today and where do you want to be tomorrow” were all part of the package. This wasn’t template advice: Shilpa was focused on bespoke service and tailored it to my price point. She leveraged her expertise in advertising and modern media and aesthetic keenness to provide me the right brand platform for a blog and Twitter presence that are evolving and growing and this was done with respect to value and client service. I look forward to using Blink Advertising services again as my social media presence and requirements grow.

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