Kuda Furniture

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At the end of Day One of starting our Social Media Strategy for Kuda Furniture the results were staggering. Here’s our results:
  • New Followers – Qualified and highly influential – One w/ over 22,000 followers and the other with 900 followers
  • 4 ReTweets – To over 32,000 Followers
  • 2 Favourites
Although this may not mean like much to the naked eye, when you break it down into bite sized pieces you can understand the enormity of what it all means. Plus, it all happened in less than 24 hours.
Below are the 2 new followers who followed Kuda Today! As you can see they are quite influential – and if you look at the number of followers — it’s not too shabby!
Lisa Ferguson has 21,688 followers
StreetARToronto has 816 followers.As we interacted, we had notable members of the community (designers, TV personalities) mention on Twitter that they would come into the store. This is a huge triumph. As they tweeted to Kuda, their tweets were broadcast to their entire follower-base, creating an instant positive brand image for Kuda. It’s like being endorsed by a celebrity for free.As we continue to monitor Kuda’s social media strategy, our goal is to connect and engage. The aim of social media shouldn’t be to gain as many followers as possible. Think Blink will aim to help Kuda gain quality followers that will help grow their brand.
Creating a #ThinkBlink for Kuda Furniture
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Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 10.53.01 AM
Kuda Furniture pre-2014. Tweeting without a cause or engagement.
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