Just Play

Just Play. Have Fun. Blink Wink.


Remember when you were 3 years old?

You giggled when you were tickled.
You jumped up and down for no reason at all.

You did cart wheels whenever you felt like?

When did we lose all that spontaneity and become grumpy adults?

Play makes us fun to be around; Play also makes us more creative.

Think about it.


Ask anyone when they get that Aha moment, and I guarantee it won’t be when they are shackled to a desk in a surly mood.

Most probably they will tell you it’s when they least expect it – like singing in the shower.

So can we conclude it is when we are most relaxed and happy, that we unconsciously welcome the alpha waves into our lives, allowing them to create their own ripple of creative inspiration?

Creativity today has lost the lustre of the Mad Men advertising days.

Gone are the moments when you can skip off to a matinee flick (all in the name of creativity).

At first blush, you may think that it’s ridiculous and counter productive –but try that the next time you are stuck on a problem.

Put your mind totally at ease and just enjoy the time away from your desk…you will for sure start attacking the problem from a completely different angle.

The stars today tell me, to “Make it a priority to have as much fun as possible over the next 24 hrs”.

So, I’m going to Play!


One thought on “Just Play

  1. It is unnatural for people to be tied to a desk all day but that is the reality of our corporate lives. Just a personal observation: the creative people who genuinely add value to organizations are considered expendable –not integral to the machinery of production. That is a pity and adds to the exploitation of labour and resentment of the obvious class system amongst us; people must have the right to gain from the fruits of their labour. Here’s to advocating a return to Play and a growth of an Entrepreneurial Creative Class unshackled from hierarchy.

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