Be a good time waster

A few days ago, the media reported a study on procrastinators. Apparently procrastination is hereditary and can be blamed on your genes. I really didn’t go into depths into this research, but it made me think. Well, what’s the point?

I am a procrastinator, especially when it comes to things like taxes. But, there’s no way I can attribute my procrastination to my genes. Everyone in my family possesses the go-getter gene. If there’s anything to be done, you can count on them to do it. If they don’t know how, they’ll figure out a way.

If anything, I’ve learnt that nothing is impossible. To every problem there is a solution. It may not be obvious, but it’s still there. So, what’s my solution to procrastination?

photo (16)If you are going to waste time, why not waste it wisely. For example, if you plan (or don’t plan) to spend time listening for countless hours on the phone, have a blank notebook beside you and doodle away. It just may help you to think of a creative idea or just ensure that you don’t go into a fit of rage after the phone call feeling like you wasted your day.

In her book, Living Out Loud, Keri Smith offers various activities to fuel a creative life. She even suggests we “Doodle wildly” and try new colours and techniques.

The tried and true is boring. No wonder it’s a chore to get down to our taxes. But if we reward ourself with good creative time wasters, then perhaps we’ll just be motivated to tackle the things that need to get done.

Review by Shilpa Raikar.

Whatever you are, be a Good One by Lisa Congdon, is published by Chronicle Books and distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books.

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