Whatever you are, be a good one

ThinkBlink Inspiration of the day

Quotes are inspiring. From time to time, I pull a book from my library to remind me what is really important in the world. It also motivates me. Whatever You Are, Be A Good One by Lisa Congdon is my latest inspired acquisition.

I love this book for several reasons. One, because it has a great title. Two, it’s visually interesting. If you read ThinkBlink regularly you’ll know we follow the mantra that Words and Design work artfully together. Finally, if you read our last blog post If I were a Book then this blog Whatever You Are, Be A Good One seems to be the natural next chapter.

From time to time, we’ll post a few inspirations from this wonderful book. Here’s today’s inspired ThinkBlink motivation.

photo (13)








Whatever you are, be a Good One by Lisa Congdon, is published by Chronicle Books and distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books.

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