Thinking with Type

A black page or screen confronts the creative thinker with fundamental questions. What type of typeface to use? What size? How those letters, words, paragraphs should be aligned, spaced, ordered and shaped. As a copywriter, you are always thinking of the best way to make the words leap from the page; as a designer you’re constantly pushing yourself to make it happen. And, as we know, magic happens when words and design dance together.

Thinking with Type, the revised and expanded 2nd Edition of the classic design handbook will help you get thinking about how to think and create by playing around with type. But instead of trial and error, it will provide you with the principles, examples and exercises, to ensure that you don’t commit type crimes.

thinking-with-typeThis is not a book about fonts. This is a book about how to use them. Typefaces are an essential resource employed by graphic designers, just as glass, stone, steel and other materials are employed by architects.

This updated edition has been widely adopted by design programs around the world. Created to form a better understanding between design and text, it’s beautifully combines a world when the two collaborate. It aims to be relevant across the media of visual design, whether its on the printed page or the digital surface.

Building on the basics of Letter, Text and Grid, the reader is enlightened about the cultural and theoretical issues that fuel typographic design.

Words originated as gestures of the body. Typography shapes content, giving language a physical body, and enables the social flow of messages. The book is about thinking with typography.

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“Designers create hierarchy and contrast by playing with the scale of letterforms. Changes in scale help create visual contrast, movement, and depth as well as express hierarchies of importance. Scale is physical. People inevitably judge the size of objects in relation to their own bodies and environments.”

Thinking in Type by Ellen Upton, is published by Princeton Architectural Press and distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books

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