10 reasons you should think about outsourcing your social media

  1. You realize it’s important, but have more important things to do in your day like actually meet clients.
  2. Your heart tells you “Tweet”, but your head tells you “Why bother”.
  3. More than half of your employees are talking about social media.
  4. You think a hashtag (#) is a cue for you to add a phone number.
  5. You think Twitter is about celebrities.
  6. You think Twitter and Facebook is about what you had for breakfast.
  7. You find it frustrating to state your idea in 140 characters.
  8. You have no social media strategy except just to post updates, whenever you feel like it.
  9. You can’t understand why you still have only 5 followers.
  10. You haven’t heard that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media communities.

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One thought on “10 reasons you should think about outsourcing your social media

  1. And you don’t want to leave it to an intern who isn’t motivated, who doesn’t understand your positioning, who hasn’t any ‘skin in the game’ regarding the financial health of your company.
    Also, outsourcing isn’t off-shoring: you wan’t your social media handled by someone who understands the customs, vernacular and idiosyncrasies of your own market.

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